Why Everyone Should Learn To Swim At Some Stage

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Why Everyone Should Learn To Swim At Some Stage

13 July 2021
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Swimming is not just a fun, recreational pastime, but it can actually save your life in situations you might not expect to find yourself in. While you don't need to be able to qualify for the Olympic team, it does help if you know more than just how to stay afloat. Swimming teaching is primarily thought of as something for younger kids, but every year thousands of adults take up the mantle to better themselves as well. Here are a few reasons why you should consider enrolling in a swimming school no matter your age or lifestyle.

Swimming Situations Can Arise Out Of Nowhere

You have probably already encountered situations where swimming has come up organically and you had to excuse yourself. This can really feel as though you are letting those around you down, and it can be embarrassing to say the reason behind it. Whether it is a spontaneous dip at a work retreat or on a holiday with your friends and family, swimming and being around bodies of water is a favourite Australian past-time and you will never fully avoid it. So, if you can't beat it, join in on the fun and get some rudimentary swimming lessons under your belt.

Rescue Situation

Sometimes, knowing how to swim isn't just about saving yourself, but others, particularly children. It would be your absolute worst nightmare to see your child or niece or nephew struggling in water only to know that you can't help them without endangering yourself. Swimming teaching can give you the confidence to be able to know how to get them back to the side of the pool or at least how to stabilise themself and yourself while you wait for more help. While you won't be able to save a full-grown adult without special training, any sort of knowledge you can get will help save a smaller person such as your children.

Sets A Good Precedent

If you do have children who don't want to learn how to swim, then the number one retort they will most likely come back with is that if you don't know how to swim then why should they? Of course, as a parent your role is to set an example and enrolling in a few swimming lessons to make your children feel at ease seems like the least you can do. Swimming teaching can give you a lot of confidence in a short time, and who knows, you may even find you enjoy it more than you ever thought possible!

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