Factors Influencing The Overall Cost Of Residential Tennis Court Construction

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Factors Influencing The Overall Cost Of Residential Tennis Court Construction

28 December 2019
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

Tennis court construction is a massive project to undertake on your property. Fortunately, with the right supplies and the professional contractors, it will prove to be worth the cost, as you will now have the chance to play as much as you want without having to worry about paying a club.

However, although the cost is inarguably expensive, the amount that you will pay will be dependent on your specific property and the degree of work that will go into the installation process. Thus, while you cannot know a definite figure upfront, you can guesstimate when you know what to consider. Although not exhaustive, this piece lists just two of the factors that will influence the overall cost of residential tennis court construction.


Some newbies to tennis court construction may be under the presumption that selecting the cheapest surface for their tennis court will help with keeping their costs low. What these homeowners are not taking into consideration is that the surface they end up with is what will affect their gameplay and additional aspects, such as maintenance of the court, longevity and so on.

The most reasonably priced surface that you can choose for your court is grass. This type of surface does offer you fast games. but is vulnerable to premature degradation so it will need arduous upkeep and eventual replanting. The most expensive surfaces on the other end of the spectrum, are acrylic and clay. Both these surfaces offer slow gameplay, which keeps them perfect for beginners. Additionally, they do not need much maintenance since they are inherently durable.


The second factor that will have a direct influence on the cost of residential tennis court construction is the type of net that you choose. All nets comprise fibres that have been braided with the typical materials being polyethene and polyester. Once you have chosen the type of material, you have to choose between the single and the double braided variety.

The single braided variety is the more affordable option since it does not utilise a large amount of material whereas the double braided solution comes with a higher price tag. When it comes to durability, the double braided options will offer you longevity since they are more resilient than their single braided counterparts are. Hence, single braided netting is suited to casual players whereas the double braided is best for individuals that play a high impact game. Once you have chosen your preferred netting, you should factor in the cost of purchasing and installing posts and anchors that will secure the net in place.